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About Us

Together with our partner SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), we have developed a Training Management System to support training providers in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector.

This new system will offer training providers an affordable solution to digitalise their data and records, and will be linked to SSG systems, thereby easing submissions and the exchange of information.

Why Join Us?

SSG Integrations
SSG Integrations

– Enhanced Point-of-Sale Experience
– Simplified Back-end Admin

$0 Marketing Platform
$0 Marketing Platform

– No Upfront Cost
– Charged Only Upon 1st Transaction*

*contact us to find out more


– Enhanced Data Security
– Low Maintenance TMS

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to enjoy $5,000 Skilleto Credits*

if you have SkillsFuture Singapore funded courses or SkillsFuture Credit Courses to offset transaction charges.

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Key Features

Reduce repetition in data submission through repurposing of information to different SSG portals. SKILLETO facilitates easy export of data for submission to SkillsConnect.

Gone are the days of manual consolidation and filing of enrolment data. Store everything that matters in a single learner’s profile. SKILLETO makes it easy to track and retrieve all information right at your fingertips.

Closing off registrations can lose a substantial amount of potential sales leads. Activation of waitlist drives greater conversions and sales.

Visualise workflows at a glance. From registration & acceptance of learners, to course completion, deferment or withdrawal, SKILLETO makes it easy for you to track each learner every step of the way.

Focus on growing your business. Leave all policy updates, maintenance and data security to us. A low maintenance TMS for business operability & continuity, SKILLETO constantly improve and evolve in rapid-release cadence.

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Customer Success Team:

Angie – 8787 6291/

Jin Hong – 8787 6295/
Jue Chen – 8787 6293/

For Individual Learners that wish to sign up for Courses, please visit to start your learning journey.

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